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London garden clearance service: If a property is left vacant for any length of time it is likely that the garden will soon become overgrown and out of control. This in turn indicates to passers by, neighbours, etc, that there is nobody looking after the property which can then become a target for fly-tipping and vandalism and squatting, which is a common problem in London.

In addition, a neglected garden has the potential to cause structural damage to the property as trees self seed and start to undermine the foundations. This situation can be significantly exacerbated in the event that the winding up of the estate is complicated and the property is left empty for a very long period of time.

The London House Clearance Company can independently, or as part of a full clearance, completely clear any size area of land, from a smallholding to a small city garden, remove and dispose of all garden waste, rubbish, broken sheds, cars, caravans etc and make it look like a proper garden again.

We can also arrange for walls to be repaired, fences to be replaced and sheds or outbuildings to be secured. I

If requested, we can regularly maintain the garden to ensure that it does not look neglected again, which will help to prevent illegal occupation and the dumping of rubbish and ensure that the property realises its best possible price in the event of it being sold.

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