Garage Clearance in London

Garages, if not used for the car, can easily become full of unwanted junk. Most of us have an aversion to throwing things away, and use the garage to store items which we consider 'might come in handy', but which, once stored, are often forgotten. To make matters worse, if the garage is totally unusable, it may suffer structural damage, such as water leaks, which often go unnoticed. In many cases, items stored in a garage become damaged and unusable.

We can clear your garage, either independently, or as part of our decluttering service, and then repair it, and make it into a usable space. We can then either re-use, donate to charity, or recycle as much of the material we recover as possible, thereby ensuring that clearing your garage is not only useful from the point of view of gaining extra space, but also as environmentally friendly as possible.

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