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I need a house cleared in London quickly. Can you help?

Yes. We aim to complete all clearances within 24 hours, unless the property is unusually cluttered or there are other adverse circumstances, such as limited access.

Can you clear a property anywhere in Greater London?

We are a London Company, and have been based here for over 20 years. We are familiar with every part of the Greater London area, and have all the resources necessary to operate anywhere within the M25. All our vehicles comply with the London Low Emissions Zone standards.

What about the Congestion Charge Zone?

We will be pleased to quote for any property within the Congestion Charge Zone, and the additional costs involved will not be passed on to our clients. This also applies to parking charges.

Can you clear a property with limited access, such as a flat, with no lifts?

We have considerable expertise in this, as it is a common problem in Central London, and will be pleased to quote for, and carry out clearances in such circumstances.

How much will it cost?

Our clearance fees start at around £350, inclusive, for a small property, but vary according to density of contents and number of rooms.

We load our vehicles efficiently, making maximum use of the available space, and hence provide much better value than other options, such as skip hire or 'price per load'.

Can you offset the value of items in the property to be cleared against the cost of the clearance?

Yes, we will allow a reasonable amount for the value of goods when assessing the cost of a clearance.

How do you deal with confidential documents and items of a personal nature?

We will take particular care if we find items of this type. We can destroy them by shredding (and provide a written confirmation that this has been done) or retain them, along with other items, such as photographs, for your examination.

The property to be cleared contains antiques. Can you assist us to realise their value?

We can, if desired, purchase these items directly, or use them to offset the cost of clearance.

What about items I wish to keep?

We are always happy to transport any items you wish to retain to a location of your choice.

I'm not in the UK at the moment.

We frequently deal with international enquiries and have all the necessary facilities available for individuals and companies requiring our services while abroad.

There is a vehicle on the premises. Can you arrange for its removal?

Yes. We can arrange for the removal of cars, vans, and motorcycles, irrespective of condition, or organise their disposal, as required.

The garden at the property is overgrown and full of rubbish. Can you provide a solution to that problem as well?

Yes. If instructed, we can completely clear the garden, and remove rubbish, old vehicles, caravans, sheds, etc, and we can also restore the garden to its original state if it has become overgrown and neglected.

The property may be empty for a while, and needs securing. Can you assist?

Yes. We can arrange for a locksmith to replace the locks, and drain down the central heating, so as to prevent bursts during cold weather. In addition, we can maintain the garden periodically, so that the property continues to appear 'lived in'.

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