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New Artwork Shows Off Hoarding Collection

The House Clearance London Company writes about a new artwork which is showing off a hoarding collection.

Hoarding is something which is often an intriguing topic for many people who have never encountered it before. That is why some of the TV programmes about the subject of compulsive hoarding have become so popular over recent months, because they allow people to get a real insight into the world of a hoarder which is often something they never get to see.

Now people in London have a new way to encounter hoarding, not via their TV screens but through a new art installation at the Barbican Centre.

The BBC recently reported on the new installation which has been created by Chinese artist Song Dong. He has taken the installation to a number of countries all over the world, but it is the first time that it has gone on display in the UK.

The installation is simply a display of all of the items that his mother collected during her life and never threw away. Although there is no mention of compulsive hoarding, it is hard to see how the empty toothpaste tubes, old pieces of wood and other items can be seen as anything else.

Song claims that his mother, Zhao Xiang, was particularly frugal because she saw her family’s wealth disappear in China over the years, and her thriftiness was a habit which she never lost.

He claims that he initially began work on the art display as a way to help his mother to deal with her grief following the death of his father.

The display, which he has called ‘Waste Not’, contains about 10,000 items in total, and it provides the public with a very different image of hoarding that is made a lot more personal than the experience of watching the TV programmes, which many people do not enjoy because they claim they are too invasive of the hoarders’ privacy.

The installation is likely to attract a lot of attention because of our natural fascination with compulsive hoarding, and it may even lead to a greater awareness of the condition.

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