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House Fire in Hoarding Property Ends in Tragedy

The House Clearance London Company writes about a house fire in a hoarded house ending in tragedy.

Compulsive hoarding can lead to many potential safety issues, but one of the worst of all is fire. Fires in hoarding houses can have tragic results, as was the case recently in Portland, Oregon, where a man in his 50s died in his home.

Firefighters were called to the scene of the house fire which they soon discovered belonged to a hoarder. There were a huge number of items crammed into the property in large piles, making the search of the property much more difficult.

They managed to find the occupant on his bed, but when they took him downstairs to get him out of the property a pile of items fell down on top of him and they had to clear the items to get him out.

Tragically, the man was pronounced dead shortly afterwards.

This shows that it is not only the fact that it is harder to escape that can make hoarding properties more dangerous in a fire. The items themselves became a danger to the man and eventually played a role in his death.

Unfortunately this is a very real danger wherever hoarding occurs. Fires can spread a lot more quickly and become harder to put out when there are so many items in the property, and the situation can become a lot more dangerous as a result.

In addition, there is also a greater chance of fires taking hold in the first place, as appears to be the case here. It is thought that the fire began because some of the items were kept too near to the fire, causing a serious hazard.

The region’s firefighters are advising people to be aware of potential hoarding cases and to encourage the victims to seek help because it can be dangerous not only for them but for neighbours and other occupants of the buildings.

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