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Hoarding Task Force Helps Hoarders in Durham

The House Clearance London Company writes about a hoarding task force helping hoarders in Durham.

There have been many TV shows recently about the issue of compulsive hoarding, and as a result many more people have awareness of the condition and now realise just how debilitating it can be.

Now a task force has been set up in Durham, Ontario, to help to deal with cases of compulsive hoarding, as reported by DurhamRegion.

There have been more cases of compulsive hoarding reported over recent months and years in the region, perhaps because more people are becoming aware of the condition and are reporting it.

Friends of hoarders may now realise that their friends actually suffer from compulsive hoarding and want to get them the help they need because they are more aware of the problems it can cause.

The Durham Region Hoarding Task Force was set up by Whitby emergency services, with the main aim of preventing fires caused by hoarding.

Hoarding properties are at greater risk of house fires because sometimes unsuitable heating appliances are used and there is a greater amount of combustible material in the property.

Also, when firemen arrive to put out the blaze, they find that the fire spreads more rapidly and becomes hotter much quicker, and their access is often hampered by the amount of items, meaning they are often unable to put out the blaze as quickly.

The article reported that 130 cases of compulsive hoarding were discovered in Durham last year, posing a potential risk to rescue workers and the inhabitants of the properties.

The Task Force has been set up and includes the health department and the police as well as the fire department. The aim is that it can educate people about compulsive hoarding and get inspection orders written to encourage hoarders to manage their homes better.

The Task Force has many challenges awaiting it, but it is a step in the right direction because it increases awareness of the condition and can improve the response process for all the agencies.

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