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Hoarding House Fire in Surrey

The House Clearance London Company writes about a house fire in Surrey caused by compulsive hoarding…….

Compulsive hoarding can lead to many problems when it comes to safety issues. Unhygienic conditions are one of the worst problems which can occur, and this can also lead to pests. But one of the most serious problems surrounding hoarding is the risk posed by fire.

A fire recently broke out in Surrey, USA, and when the emergency services arrived to deal with it they found that the blaze was more of a challenge than they had expected because the property was inhabited by a hoarder.

The fire took hold during the night, and all of the three floors in the property were filled with huge amounts of items which had been stacked up to the ceiling, which is typical of hoarding cases.

Because of this, the firemen had a much harder time putting out the fire, and even had to call in backup.

The amount of items contained within the property made it very difficult to tackle the blaze effectively, but in the end the firemen managed to put it out and the four occupants of the building escaped unharmed.

Now the fire is being investigated to find out how the blaze began and to see whether the hoarding had anything to do with it.

Firemen often complain that more needs to be done about compulsive hoarding to reduce the number of cases which they encounter. However, hoarding is a very complicated condition and is not something which can just be cured quickly.

If anyone simply clears out the belongings of a hoarder then they may cause them a huge amount of distress, and it will often fail to solve the problem as they will just start hoarding again.

The best thing to do if you discover a hoarding property is to alert the authorities so that the right steps can be taken to help the hoarder and reduce the risk posed.

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